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Global Service JAM on March 2018

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Dubai Design Week 2018 - November 13th-18th
Global Grad Show is an exhibition of student works from the world’s leading design schools, held each November as part of Dubai Design Week, with its first show in 2015. For 2017, the exhibition included over 200 projects from 92 universities from 43 countries. I was contacted directly to exhibit Muhimu and represent SCAD for the respective week meeting local emirates and international visitors coming for Dubai Design Week.
This turned out to be an amazing experience to participate in a global exhibition and connect with designers from all over the world with projects solving for problems that you could never think of. A truly immersive experience within culture, design, and more of the two combined.  

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2017 Muhimu at Global Grad Show



"SCAD Highlights of 2017" & "SCAD Awards and Rankings"
I am happy to find SCAD announcing my award on Core77 for Muhimu as one of the top 2017 highlights. Today, "Muhimu" serves as an example of student projects and their social impact to professors, students, potential students, and parents. Muhimu has been published in their yearly catalog and on the top awards and ranking projects from all times. Someone pinch me. 

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SCAD Highlights of 2017
SCAD Awards and Ranking

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2017 Design Awards
My bachelor's thesis project, Muhimu, received several awards from different design organizations under categories ranging from science and life prosthetics to social impact. View links below to see award details.

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  1. 2017 IDSA International Design Excellence Award
    Silver Award, Muhimu
  2. 2017 Core77 Design Awards
    Design for Social Impact Award, Muhimu
  3. 2017 European Product Design Awards (ePDA)
    Silver - Industrial and Life Prosthetics
  4. 2016 International Design Awards (IDA)
    Bronze - Industrial and Science Design, Muhimu


September - November 2015
Google sponsored a course in SCAD’s Collaborative Learning Center, an internship-like program in which outside companies–like BMW, HP, Microsoft, and Adobe–provide a problem as a case study for students to solve. I was selected as one of the 15 students to participate in this course collaborating directly with Google stakeholders. Broken down into four groups, I became the project lead working with three other inter-disciplinary students using google's UX framework to reimagine a better life using Google's resources. 

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