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Irvine Apartment Company

To re-position the Irvine Company Apartments in the market by establishing a forefront digital presence that would benefit apartment seekers and current residents.


Client:  Irvine Company
Duration:  Spring 2017    
Live Site:

Three Tracks, Two Users


For Potential Residents
Identify and address key conceptual and usability issues
from the first design release by rethinking features and functionality to maximize user's navigation time. Additionally, create a micro-site for high-end apartments targeted to a specific audience. 


For Current Residents
Create a digital platform for existing residents that compartmentalizes important information and allows for useful functionality to achieve simple tasks such as paying rent, submitting maintenance requests, etc.


Our Process


I worked closely with the creative director jamming through several concepts and scenarios for each design track. We had different restrictions and goals based on the track. For the website, I jumped right onto a project's second phase, therefore the start was ramping up and catching up to the decisions that were previously made in order to move forward. For the micro site and the mobile app, we started from fresh constantly ideating and presenting concepts to the client. We carried competitive audit and worked closely with the technology team from Irvine for alignment on feasibility and timeline.




The goal was to create a seamless experience within the site across all three devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile. From a navigation standpoint, all components’  functionality needed to be fully responsive. I explored across a variety of potential solutions through ideation and rapid prototyping while keeping the interaction model previously defined. The ideation phase ran through a series of sprints as we moved forward through each of the three design tracks. 


Motion was the key pillar in the new micro site as a way to tell a story and carry users focus across the experience. I quickly prototyped different concepts through the use of different softwares like Principle or to best explain and present these conceptsto stakeholders.

Imagine presenting the animation on the right through static images to a client? No bueno. 




One of the responsibilities I owned during this project was to prepare and create the presentation decks containing all concepts and client deliverables for our weekly check points to carry an effective presentation of concepts and design tracks to the client. Of course, there were prototypes linked as well...




A new seamless experience
across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

We streamlined components' functionality from mobile to desktop, rethinking the navigation across sub pages at scale. We rethought the experience of creating an online brochure/catalog for users to save and share their top apartment picks based on their favorited (yes, its a functionality) apartment units. 

Check out the Live Website



1221 OceanAvenue

A micro site for Irvine's most
luxurious apartment residence.

We created a micro site for one of Irvine's most luxurious residences, 1221 Ocean Avenue. An inviting top-class experience showcasing Irvine's apartments. We thought this micro site had to be different enough to showcase its exclusivity, so we challenged the interaction modal from the main site while keeping the same components to speak to one brand.

Check the Live Website



The Residents App

Paying rent? Maintenance Issue? Wait no longer.

We created the first mobile platform available to Irvine residents for paying rent, submitting maintenance requests, getting informed on community events, and more. We arrived to the solution of having an interactive dashboard as the main home screen that would auto-populate based on hierarchy of notification importance available to the resident.

The mobile app will facilitate residents on handling apartment related errands as well as establish a long term relationship with Irvine and its residents by understanding their activity within the community.  

Check it out in the Appstore





We were moving at a fast pace and as concepts were created and finalized, I created prototypes using Principle. These animatics helped the team understand what changes to make either from a visual or experience perspective. Likewise, it helped clients on understanding our proposed interaction modal and our use of motion as one of our pillars for the micro-site.




At the end of every sprint we were in charge of delivering a detailed document specifying all component's functionality and behavior. As the only experience designer in the team, I took the responsibility of creating these documents while working closely with business analysts, product managers, and other stakeholders.




Communication within all Stakeholders

As we pushed forward with new concepts, we dove deeper into understanding the user needs and behavior. We created scenarios and flows that quickly turned into full working prototypes with pixel perfect screens. We worked quickly in order to communicate our ideas to the client in the most effective way. Considering we were working through 3 design tracks parallel, we needed to make sure there wasn't any room for confusion. There were many stakeholders involved from the client side that weren't involved in every track of work, however one decision impacted the other and alignment was key in this process. 

3 parallel tracks of work, at once

Following up with the usability issues tracked from the websites first version release, we had to work from a not so exciting back-log list. In addition to that, we were starting a new track of work for designing a micro site that followed the established branding guidelines from the main site. On top of that, we were designing for a mobile app experience for residents to achieve the typical tasks a tenant would appreciate doing without heading to the concierge office. AND of course, creating full descriptive annotations on functionality on components for all three tracks.  

70% Slack, 30% Video Calls 

Recognizing my position in the project, I was the only member of the team geographically located in the San Francisco office. I worked 100% remote on this project for three months with the team based out of the Los Angeles studio. I faced the obvious pain of non-physical collaboration when having to brainstorm concepts or taking a team lunch break. I learned a ton on time-management, communication effectively in the time window available, and getting comfortable on passively and openly texting teammates to check their slack.



The Team

From Sapient

  • 1 Creative Director
  • 1 Visual Designer
  • 1 Experience Designer
  • 2 Project Manager
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 QA
  • should i keep going?

From Irvine

  • A wildly excessive list of stakeholders ranging from Product Managers, Client Lead, Tech Lead, Marketing Lead, and others.

My Role

  • Under the creative director, I owned the UX components of all three tracks of work. I streamlined processes and prioritized tasks, delivering at a very fast pace wireframes, flows, prototypes and animation studies.  I created presentations and communicated to key stakeholders at Irvine the main site's improvements from the first previous release. Delivered in short periods of time multiple assets that needed to be ready to show to the client and for development.